Meizitang Evolution 100% Natural

Meizitang Evolution 100% Natural
Meizitang Evolution es conocido como el Adelgazante Botánico 100% natural, lo cual le caracteriza por ser suaves cápsulas de gelatina que se componen de una combinación de plantas naturales y que históricamente poseen propiedades adelgazantes.

martes, 6 de enero de 2009


The four ingredients selected- bacon, plum tomatoes, potatoes and swedes.
I bought all my ingredients (except the swede) from our local organic market- the tomatoes and bacon were both especially delicious. I did have trouble sourcing the swede. It is summer here, so that may explain the absence. Luckily Cristina, was able to stumble on the elusive root, at the city markets.My original idea was to make a soup, or a stew. Finally I added sausages to the mix and created my own version of Bangers and Mash. It was just the thing and the sausages and bacon added something different to our mostly vegetable based summer meals. I hope you like it.


400g fresh plum tomatoes, halved
2 garlic cloves, peeled
Extra virgin olive oil (fruity rather than peppery)
500g excellent quality sausages (I used miniature pork and veal ones)
A splash of red wine
250 swedes, cut into cubes (peeled weight )
250g floury potatoes, cut into cubes (peeled weight)
Gruyere cheese, to taste100ml cream (35% milk fat)
Sea salt
Fresh white pepper
2 slices bacon (organic is superior- no scary chemical additives)
Fresh chopped parsley


Turn the oven to 180c. Place the tomatoes in a tray, cut side up. Drizzle over with olive oil and add the whole garlic cloves as well. Bake for about 20- 30 minutes or until cooked and slightly collapsed. Allow to cool and remove the skins. Roughly mash the tomatoes and garlic into a bowl.Heat a little olive oil in a pan and brown the sausages for a few moments. Splash in the wine and cover the pan. Braise the sausages gently for 20minutes or until tender. Add the reserved tomato sauce and continue to simmer for a few moments more.In the meantime, steam the potatoes and swede cubes separately. The swede will take twice as long as the potatoes. I lost count of the time, so judge for yourself. Pass the vegetables through a mouli to create a fine puree. Add the cream, gruyere, sea salt and white pepper. Heat gently, beating well to incorparate all the elements.Grill the bacon until lightly brown and crisp.Serve the sausages with the potato and swede puree, topped with crispy bacon. Sprinkle with parsley for the final touch.

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