Meizitang Evolution 100% Natural

Meizitang Evolution 100% Natural
Meizitang Evolution es conocido como el Adelgazante Botánico 100% natural, lo cual le caracteriza por ser suaves cápsulas de gelatina que se componen de una combinación de plantas naturales y que históricamente poseen propiedades adelgazantes.

martes, 6 de enero de 2009


For my own pleasure more than anything, I thought I would hold a culinary competition.Thankfully there was no appallingly dressed Japanese host biting into a yellow pepper with a demented stare, though Mike did try hard. Nor was there a line up of B grade Asian celebrities to critique. Nothing as ostentatious as “The Kitchen Stadium”.Only some raw hams- Jamón Serrano and Prosciutto di Parma.Yes, Spain versus Italy.I also thought it would be a fine idea to accompany each ham with olives from their appropriate nations. Jamón Serrano with plump and juicy pimento stuffed green ones, and Prosciutto with a small and succulent black kind.So, who’s pig reigned supreme? I found “el jamón” to be saltier, sweeter and more concentrated in piggy-ness. The slices were smoother, almost oily. The Spanish ham was also firmer and more compact in texture than its Italian cousin. You can see the diffrence in texture in the photos, below. The scent was reminiscent of fresh pork with a yeasty overtone. This is going to sound terrible, but the smell remindered me of stock cubes (and yes, stock cubes contain yeast extracts). I wasn’t expecting this, as jamón is considered to be a very fine ham and can fetch up to $350 (or more) a kilo at retail prices. This one was only $160 per kilo and probably not the finest. Mike could not pick up on the hint of fermentation. He was suffering with the “flu”, so perhaps his sense of smell was not at its best. Possibly it was natural, but I couldn’t stop thinking that maybe this pig had been injected with a flavouring agent.

Now “il prosciutto”. The Italian version was less salty and slightly sour. It wasn’t as intense as the Spanish version, but it felt fuller in the mouth. The notes I wrote in my book at the time read “you can feel the grain of the meat against your tongue”. This is definitely true, and I am beginning to drool as I write this. I loved the rounded, supple feel of this particularly gorgeous prosciutto, which was priced at a slightly cheaper $30 per kilo. Prosciutto tends to be aged for a shorter time than jamón so perhaps this can explain the variation in saltiness and texture.
Even though the two hams were both very tasty, I preferred the milder tasting prosciutto because of its superior fleshy, buttery consistency. And also the fact that the jamón had a vague synthetic scent, won the prosciutto extra points. Oh, I wish I had some of that prosciutto right now! But who knows? As, I said previously, perhaps the jamón in this particular assessment wasn’t of top class. Unfortunately when I quizzed the shop assistant, he couldn’t really tell me much about either product. I was a little disappointed in the lack of knowledge. Especially as these two hams are imported luxury food items and are expensively priced.I will keep my opinion open on this one- the game is far from over.

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